Was hoping to read my E-Amusement pass for some DDR games etc. and save it to the flipper so i can just bring the device with me and emulate the card to the machine.

Looks a good thing to add …

I do have access to some private E-Amusement readers and cards, though I am unsure if I have the needed keys to be able to read the cards. Certainly can give it a shot though. Will follow up next time I am there.

Octopus card in Hong Kong is reconized as NFC-F, currently there’s already an 3rd party android app able to read the balance, if we can see the balance on flipper that would be very handy

More handy it would be to read all the data on the card, save it and then write it back …

The new Amusement IC cards also use NFC-F. I think for both Amusement IC and e-Amusement only IDm is being looked at at least for account authentication so it shouldn’t be that difficult to do.

Update: All other systems that use NFC-F aren’t supported yet - Flipper doesn’t even see them. Sorry for the delay on this.

Something to watch for: NFC: initial support for NFC-F (FeliCa) by nullableVoidPtr · Pull Request #2093 · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware · GitHub

I semi took over the patch mentioned above and I’m working on a streamlined UI, FeliCa Standard service traversal and a more robust card detection routine. Lite and Lite-S cards mostly read fine already but there are some small edge cases and bugs.

There’s no ETA currently.

hi, the NFC-F it’s in working it, just wait a new update, NFC-B too :stuck_out_tongue:

With EA cards, you can try reader here:
(with WebNFC + Android + Chrome you can read some IDs).

Also funny is that Konami AC EA readed accepted NFC-V card (actually it was combinated NFC-A+V card). Mose NFC card have 4 or 7 bytes, this one had 8 bytes. So Arcade read NFC-V as 8b, catch ID and transmited that to EA server, but due to different numebr the 16 digit ID was not returned by a server, theror you get an empty box when you checking EA card number on AC.

Hope that we yould get EA support soon.
So far people are using this (Andoid app) to emulate EA / NFC-F on Android phones:

Some progress regarding to this: The reading is mostly working. Some submenus still needs to be implemented but the basics are already there.

The first PR would likely only contain reading. nullableVoidPtr and I are also looking into adding saving for all types and writing support for Lite-S. Emulation can be done but we are currently not looking into it. These will likely come as separate PRs.

Some screenshots of the current UI:


It also supports Lite-S


or NDEF tags



Any updates on this guys? Really looking forward to it as this is the major NFC card type in Japan

^ same

Also looking forward to this implementation.


Just look at GitHub. last update from 3 weeks ago.