.nfc file format documentation / Way to convert proxmark 3 files


I use a proxmark3 for pentesting. and would like to use the files to convert to the flipper nfc file format.
however i’m unable to find any file format documentation of the flipper NFC files.

could anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

Here’s a script that will do that for Mifare Classic

The FFF (Flipper File Format) is mostly undocumented at the moment, but the gist is:
File is read line-by-line
# Means that the line is a comment
The file begins with a header that consists of a filetype and the version
And the next lines are structured somewhat like a dictionary structure: Key: Value

You can open any .nfc file to see for yourself

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Thanks! the script especially is a good start. for the more basic card implementations this is perfect.
I’ll fiddle around to see if there’s a way to include these.

  "KeyA": "010203040506",
  "KeyB": "0708090a0b0c",
  "AccessConditions": "afaaff00",

The script /nfc_prox2flip.py will convert proxmark json files into Flipper sub files.

It’s a part of flipper file toolbox