NFC Mifare Classic 1K Emulation Not Detect by Reader

Just got my hand on Flipper Zero and try to Emulate Mifare Classic 1K But seems like the reader not Detecting Flipper Emulation.
-All key Founded 32/32
-Sector Read 16/16
-Reader: CR20 | ZKTeco Europe

The mifare classic emulation is not finished yet, reader compatibility is not guaranteed

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Estimate When will mifare classic emulation finished ? and when will be writing Nfc card be available ?

No estimates for both of those yet, sorry

Yeah, same Here with the hôtel card in m’y vacancy, Flipper doesnt read all the card. It stuck on “Key found : 13/32” and “Sector read: 6/16”

If it work and sucessfull emulate in the future, it will be soo cool and practical :smiley::ok_hand:t2:. I wait thé future update and support on NFC cards :+1:t2: thanks to you guys working on it :pray:

Your problem here is that your card has sector keys that aren’t in the flipper’s dictionary, so you’ll have to use something like a proxmark3 to perform a more sophisticated attack to get those keys. Emulating a card that hasn’t been completely read definitely won’t work.

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Flipper is able to emulate your card as long as you fully read it …

You can try to emulate the UID to get the decryption keys from your reader as explained in other post here on this forumm or you can use this dictionary and see if it helps …



On this side I have the same problem, when reading my mifare classic 1k card (transport bus and work) it does not work.
I copied my NFC board iso 14443-3A (NFC-A), it is in “key found 0/32” and “Sectors read 0/16”, when I emulate it, it is not working
I would like to know the reason and when is gonna work well.


The reason it doesn’t work here is the same as the one I’ve outlined in my post above

Please read here :

Hi, just wanted to know if this has a solution as yet, new to the flipper zero community but facing this exact problem.

Same problem.
Got all keys from all sectors.
Card works like a charm.
Emulation rejected.
No solution so far.

Don’t get the hipe. My phone is doing same with a free app…


Can you name it please?

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Hey maqumih !

Sorry for leting you without answer. It’s an in house app used at my work !

But with NFC Tools you should be able to do so in exchange of a few dollars.

See ya !

NFC Tools Pro only emulates something from NTAG family (you appear to talk about Classic), with random UID (so if reader checks it, it is a no-go) and other oddities.

Same problem here, I used MifareOneTool to crack all the keys, I can emulate the card on the flipper and I can read the whole data on my phone with MIFARE classic tool. But emulating the key on my door reader just doesn’t work, real bummer.