NFC problem

I have the flipper zero with last firmware version 0.95.0 and using kingston 16gb sd card but i am not able to use the NFC, it rebboots the system very time i click on it

If I go to the NFC section and click on it I get the following error again: “flipper crashed and was rebooted : bus fault”. On the other hand if I go to apps->nfc->nfc I get the following error: preload failed NFC/nfc.fap invalid file and it doesn’t let me use NFC.

So as a summary I am not able to run the NFC, i have tried to reinstallar the firmware, reinstalla the laest udate, the dev firmware version but NFC still not working.
Any help?

I attach two pictures, the first of the bufault error when I press NFC

and the second is when I press the NFC from the app->nfc->fcn folder

No one can help?
I have changed 3 differnt SD cards and the error still there. Considering on returning it