Nfc problem 🙄

I have the same problem


The door some time open some time not and card work fine

Some readers will simply not accept emulation. This is an hardware limitation. Even if the flipper dev team can improve the compatibility of the emulation there will allways be some readers that will not accept cards emulated by flipper … If your emulated card does work with some readers then it was properly read/parsed by flipper.

the problem some time work some time not working ???

Do you have a 2nd flipper to test with ? Just to rule out some possible random fault on Flipper hardware ?!

no i dont have
but this happing only outside home inside there is other nfce and work fine everythim

And the ones outside your house, are random ones or is allways on the same reader that you are getting that issue ?
Did you try to contact flipper tech support ?

Hello !
I exactly get the same issue.

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Really am so sad for that