NFC range externder

Does anyone know a way to increase the range of the flipperzero NFC reader? Almost as a kind of detector.

I’m trying to locate the books on a bookshelf that are borrowed from the library. Library books have an NFC tag glued into them. A distance of approx. 30 cm would be ideal.

NFC means “Near Field Communication”. It is not build to extend the range, it is build to work up to 4cm.
Depending on the Freqency (LF vs HF), it would be possible to use the range of 10cm (lf). If you google, you would see 20cm as theoretical distance, but not within a book.
It is all abut physical limitations. You’ll need to send a high amount of power to activate the tag, this power needs to be enough that the chip is able to answer and the Flipper antenna needs to be sensitive enough to read the answer. And than you need to decide which of the signals are the needed one, if there are more than one NFC tags within range.

The Proxmark3 V4 provides wide range antennas. The Flipper Zero is not build to change the antenna.

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