NFC Tools Pro to Flipper Zero

So I am using NFC Tools Pro on my Galaxy S21 Ultra to create nfc tags for my flipper zero. So I go in and I created a simple URL tag to youtube but when I go to scan it with my flipper it comes up as "Visa Debit Can’t parse data from app AID: VISA Debit/Credit (Class ic). Can some one please explain what I am doing wrong? It seems to easy to write an nfc tag so I feel like I am missing something. Please help :pray:

you’re asking your flipper to look for nfc tags
you’re asking your phone to write to an nfc tag

do you see how they do not align into your goal? your phone has nothing to write to and your flipper has nothing to read.

emulate a chip (i recommend a mifare ultralight) from your flipper and use your phone to write to it.

to be clear, when writing to an nfc chip it’s not just pretending to be an nfc tag. it’s not how it works.