NFC "Write" Mifare Classic 1K, doesn't work

I have a Mifare Classic 1k tag that I cloned to my Flipper Zero, I tried to clone this saved clone to an another Mifare Classic 1k tag. Now it says…

… Please tell what is wrong. I thought to wipe the tag and then write to the tag but, Wipe doesn’t work. It would be helpful if somekne also tells how to wipe tags.


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You should use Applications → Tools → NFC Magic → Write Gen1A → select saved dump
This writes UID to tag/card. AFAIK only magic Gen 1a tags/cards are supported.
Then use NFC → Saved → select card → Write to initial card.

But dosn’t it work for Mifare Classic 1k tags?

It does not with non-magic tag.
“Write” writes the blocks to original card with UID from saved dump, as far as i understand.
Flipper can’t write random blocks to random mfc.

You can try to change UID in saved file at flipper to UID of target card and write to target card with “write to initial card”.

Okay, thanks.

Anyone have any instructions, links, or apps to further explain changing the UID?

Changing the UID in saved dump?
It is text file, so You can use any text editor.

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Weird. Hit the same issue with a card that apparently is not magic. Proxmark 3 is able to update its UID to whatever you need, Flipper doesn’t though.

Which command are you using?
There are four kinds of magic cards. Flipper supports Gen3 partially, Gen4 as beta, Gen1 completely. Gen2 is common but not supported. As a quick check, MCT on Android writes if and only if Flipper doesn’t.

First dump the original card with:

hf mf autopwn --1k -f mfc_default_keys

Then load it onto the new one with:

hf mf restore --1k --uid -k -f