Nice - Garage Door

I am trying to read my garage doors to open and close the door to no avail, I have checked the signal to that of the device and it is 433.92 MHz as per the device and the frequency analyser but it will not allow me to open/close the doors. The model of the remote is Nice Models: FLO1RE, FLO2RE, FLO4RE. Any suggestions or existing implementations for this? Here is the manual for the device.

I am seeing similar behavior with our garage door. The flipper can record it easily and finds it to be AM650 modulation. The recording in the list is however marked with a lock and I cannot save it or do anything with it.
If i “click” the recording in the list, then nothing happens.

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This is a dynamic signal, and the flipper cannot replay it.

ok so no way to get it to open/close the garage then?

You can use the “Add Manually” feature to generate a new key signal and pair it to your gate, as you would with a regular remote

From what I read on the documents and what the flipper recognised it is a 52bit signal. I do not see that option available, is it possible to implement? @Astra

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Hello! I have a nice gate opener and works fine with the flipper. Just go to sub zero and change the frequency before you scan to what freq is on your remote and then do a scan worked for me!