Noralsy KCP300 fob

Hi !
I have two Noralsy KCP300 fobs that I would like to read and emulate, but is not automatically detected by my flipper.
I have the raw ask/psk if that helps.
As they do have a unique serial number, hoping that by having two distinct helps. Do I upload/attach here ?
Is there somewhere else/other tools I can dig into to help in supporting this fob ?

I saw @trippy also has/had a Noralsy fob … not sure how far you got with it ?

Thanks !

You can send the files to @Astra

Hi All! Did you get any progress with this? My first job with the flipper is to copy a Noralsy fob this evening, and I’m hoping the Flipper can do it. But I’m a total novice! Thanks. Lewis