Not recognizable card

Hello everyone!
Trying to read parking access card without success.
Tried NFC and all specific card types of NFC, tried RFID and ASK and PSK, tried PicoPass - without any luck.
Card has no ID or any marks.
Card is being used for parking access in European country.
Can anybody suggest a thing?
Thanks in advance!

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at least I would like to understand if there are raw logs to at least get an idea of what that card is…
probably depending on some 3rd party firmwares?

Installed Unleashed firmware, but how can I read raw data from the card?

Ask th developers.

3rd party firmwares are not welcome here and won’t be supported in this forum.

No worries, If the card is not being read by flipper, what does it mean? And how to add this card to the known ones?

The forum don’t want me to answer with details.

Maybe it is UHF.
Maybe it is Legic.