Ok button stopped working

As title. Yesterday my flipper worked fine. Today the middle button simply isn’t working. How to figure out if it’s a hardware or software issue?

Did it stop working everywhere or just one thing?
I have one saved signal and when I try to press center button it should send but it doesn’t do anything but it work other places okay (And even that sending “works” if I do it via phone).

Did you update firmware recently ? If not and the key stop working then most likely it’s a hardware problem. Try to re-boot your flipper. This is only (potentialy) firmware related if it stops working whe you update the firmware but if it were the case by now many people would be complaining about it so my bet is hardware issue.

If you use qflipper to see the flipper screen and interact with it using the PC does the function of the center button works ?

If so most likely it’s one resistence on the PCB that did went bad killing that phisical button. If you can interact with it by software i would bet my money on hardware issue. Should be “easy” to fix but require electronics knowledge and replacing components on the PCB … soldering/desoldering, etc … So you might consider RMA or contact tech support ?

Thanks. I’ll try using the PC and seeing if it works via software.

If it is hardware, I’m going to have to recruit the help of someone knowledgeable in electronics to replace whatever broke.

I’ll contact tech support once I have more.data.

Finally at home.
I could operate the Flipper via qFlipper, so its a hardware issue. I know not how to proceed now.

Guessing I’ll have to dismantle it and see if its something i can fix.

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Or contact support and ask for RMA…