Order canceled. Money not refunded

How long refunds take?
Why accept an order if you cancel it seconds after?

Made an order card got charged. There was no errors when making an order, showed in stock…
Seconds after i paid i got a message that order is canceled.
Day 4 now no refunds made…

Is this normal?

Refund time depends purely on your bank, we send the refund command immediately, and you receive it as soon as your bank finishes processing it. This usually takes up to two weeks.

The order was cancelled by our anti-fraud systems, which we use to slow down scalpers, bot users etc. We can’t share the exact details of why your specific order got cancelled, but something was probably unusual about it.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with [email protected].


Thanks for your reply.
First time having such a weird transaction.

I made an order manually for 1x flippzero+wifi.
Different billing and shipping addresses have been used that is it.

Thanks again. Please delete my 2 posts because i got an answer.

When buying from EUROPE (inside Shengan space) use this instead :



This is the second time I placed an order that has been canceled and the support is not providing me a proof of the refund as requested whether it is by email of through their new form that is supposed to be more efficient.
They are just giving me the run around.
What is going on?
Anybody else is having the same problem???

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Yeah my orders get cancelled instantly. I bought lots of supplies and things from other sites to go with the flipper and it seems i cant even get one , idk what to do with all these accessories now. I buy things online everyday for years now woth no issues . Seems very strange. Havent gotten any reply from support yet. Hopefully someone helps , seeing how you posted 22 days ago im not holding my breath. Did anything ever happen with yours yet?