Oscilloscope app help


I’m wondering if any devs might be able to possibly point me in the right direction, I’m able to read voltages from the ADC, however I’m currently stuck trying to get DMA to correctly work.

I can read an ADC value that I believe is pushed via DMA to an array, however I don’t believe my ‘HAL_ADC_ConvCpltCallback’ function is ever called.

And the flipper zero fairly quickly crashes with a ‘MemManage’ error.

I’ve tried looking at backtraces with an stlink, however unfortunately I didn’t find anything interesting from them.

Any help would be much appreciated!

My code is here - GitHub - anfractuosity/flipperscope

One thing I did notice though is ‘DMA1_Channel1_IRQHandler’ isn’t included in the generate elf (which I found via objdump -x), which may be related?

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Think I just cracked it :smile: by relocating the vector table, and altering the DMA handling functions, to the ones I defined.

Lots of things still to do to make it work reliably, like restoring the original vector table on exit etc.

What about using the M5Stick C Plus? I bought one and really think it could be the perfect complimentary device for the Flipper all things considered. It has GPIO connections and ESP32 along with a mic, LCD screen, Bluetooth, and more. I’ll probably keep mentioning this device on posts and hope someone else sees it’s potential that knows a little more about hardware integration than myself