Pandora to Flipper?

As on topic…
It would be nice for someone with the pandora firmware to create a flipper app to mimic the pandora functionality…

There are non-official forks that support a lot of those, but those keygrabbers are just more advance key cloners like those 5 dollar china universal key cloners that just grab a lot of old keys and even a lot of rolling code ones. But do not think it will become your 15k autel case for full re-flashing and learning keys to the ecu, newer keys are a bit more secure then those older keeloq ones. I think they leaked specs on their keying on some RU forums in the 2006’s and even the updated ones from around that time are cloned more easy. But most car manufactures updated theirs between 2009-2012 somewhere to better ones, so yes there are a lot of options but cloning a 2024 key grabbing your neighbors merc is not gonna be that easy, while the live analog replay still works if you do not mind to hang a fence of antenna around his door and use a old dcs voice kit to gain a couple of miles before the car shuts down.

most cars now-days are stolen with can-bus injection by just pulling out the wire of your headlights or something like that to open the car, then connect a odb2 kit to get it started. or vcds flashers for the VAG cars.


On those pandora grabbers or likewise products, they came out as 30 dollar car lock mechanic toys 10 years ago,. but just got overhyped and stupid people fall for the trick since they refuse to read github and learn about the protocols themself. But in hardware they are prolly containing the same stuff as those cheap replacement keyfobs that just recognize a lot of old stuff. Do not think that advertising them as 5k key grabbers makes them somewhat magic, its old stuff and will not open a 2024 car. If you are willing to waste your cash on those, have fun, i seen one in real life, and it’s …over-hyped is a bad word… its plain stupid. for the old stuff, look around on other forks and play around, and do not complain about crashes or hard reflashes here if you broke the fw :smiley: first reflash back to original and make sure it it working fine again cause, some forks and versions tend to be a bit less stable :smiley: