Paradox fob support

Found out that Flipper doesn’t detect 125kHz Paradox key fobs.

Paradox tags are low-frequency (125 kHz) tags. Paradox key fobs come in 2 shapes (C704 teardrop shape and C705 clamshell shape). For the clamshell shape fobs, they come in 4 colors (black, green, blue, and red).
The fobs may have PTDE16, PTAP14, PTAP17, PTFE19, PTOC16, PTJA19, etc. characters below the serial number.
We can copy Paradox fob by the serial number printed on the back of the fob. In this example, you just need to enter 005:55485 when placing an order.

I can provide any debug info or assist in adding them to known protocols as I have two fobs and several intercoms that accept them.

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We’re currently refactoring our RFID subsystem, after it’s finished we’ll get to adding new protocols


Should it work now with rfid raw? Can we help in any way?

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I have also tried but dosen’t read the access card, any sugestions?

If you can manage to compile yourself this pull request adds the required protocol.

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This is now merged into dev