Paxton Fob

Great! Any updates so far?

Also just got my flupper and was trying to do a Paxton. Any help?

As folks above have said My Net2 Paxton Key fob is easy to read and emulate with a Flipper.
I used RFID 125 kHz to read, save and emulate with no issues.

Yeah just reading the tread for the first time but its a classic LF tag, no biggie for a FZ or pm3

Paxton emulation works well if you emulate a EM4100, the issue is that the Flipper won’t read the Paxton fob and won’t convert to an EM4100-equivalent. The Proxmark3 can do that (with a few manual steps), is it possible for the Flipper to do it too, if we create an app/write some code?