Paxton Fob

Any one had any luck with any Paxton Fobs?


I am not having any luck with mine.I beleive they use the Net2 system.

I think the protocol they use is iClass hitag2. I think they do a form of handshaking before the card code is released.

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Just tried this myself and can confirm the Flipper can’t read my Paxton Fob. What’s the likelihood of this working in the future. Based on MrEcho’s reply I assume extremely remote if at all?

do you have access to the system administrator of the paxton system you have a fob for? You can add standard 125kHz cards/fobs to your user account on the system. The likelyhood of someone spending the time decrypting the paxton system is unlikely as its proprietry. There are readers out there that can decrypt iClass Hitag2 cards though so fingers crossed. Im certainly going to try :wink:


Do we think the Flipper Zero will ever be able to read these fobs?
Not sure if anyone has asked the dev team, as these fobs are increasingly popular especially in the UK here.

What about read raw ? Does it capture anything of use from those fobs ?

I have one of these fobs and it’s now reading 125 kHz RFID. Woohoo! Will try to see if emulation works later today.

Ive just tried my paxton fob and its still not picking it up

I got mine working as well, and tired the emulation today and the door unlocked.

Can anyone explain how they succeed to read their paxton keyfob?
I tried with mine, it’s an old model but i can’t read anything from it.
Nothing is picked up.
Is there some tricks or some tips to do to get it copied?
I’m on latest rogue firmware. Tried also with latest official firmware


Ok, Probably that we are using an old system.
It seems not all of them can work:

hi Colleagues,

I’ve collected raw files for rfid of my Paxton Net2 fob by flipper.
is it possible to extract Paxton tag from those files and use it for How to open a Paxton Door with a Flipper Zero ?

You should send the files to @Astra to see if support can be implemented on flipper for that card type.

Hi everyone,
I have a Paxton fob cloner which can copy within seconds. If anybody needs a duplicate, feel free to drop me a message! :slight_smile:

I’m new to this forum, is there any way I can directly message you

The Flipper Zero will never read and write a Paxton Hitag2 fob or card.
It cannot hold the 2-way communcations required.
There is only one copier available that can do this, the PX1 Paxton Duplicator.
It is only available from major UK locksmith distributors, Keyprint, Davenport Burgess etc.

It will. Implementation have already started.

Implementation by who?
When will it be completed?

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