Can anyone recognize this key fob?

Flipper n00b here.

I would want to read and emulate key fob shown in pic, but it won’t show up when reading NFC or RFID on my flipper.

Does anybody know the brand or protocol used? Would the flipper be able to read and emulate this?

I haven’t tried to scan the reader yet.


Paxton fobs look like that. Those are LF, but full integration of them in Flipper is pending for a long time.

In the meantime, Promark or Keysy work to do some magic and, sometimes, make it possible to clone and emulate.

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Hey Maqumih,

Thank you for the info! It is good to have a lead.

Do you mean that a Proxmark (i-copy x) would be able to clone this?
And, would it be possible to read this in raw format somehow using the flipper?

Thanks again

Normal PM3 console + some calculation turn Paxton data into EM4100 data (works with most of the readers), which, in turn, can be emulated with Flipper or cloned onto T5577: Paxton Fob - #12 by balthus and a few deeplinks from there.
Icopy-X may be able to do it for you, IDK.

No. They are RTF-style.

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Do you have a link where I can read up on RTF style? I have no idea what that is.

It means that tag only starts transmitting its information after a specific request from reader. Most of the RFID tags will do it just on power-up in EM field.

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Thank you for your help, I’m learning a lot here.