Unknown FOB


I have a unknown FOB with no markings and no name on it. Captured a Rfid RAW from it and added a picture.
@Astra can you forward it to the devs to get this type supported? It seems to be quite common in NL.

RfidRecord.zip (121.1 KB)

oh that’s easy

that’s a paxton hitag bullet fob.

flipper can’t communicate with these due to their challenge response! sorry!

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Very interesting fob.

Paxton Access 695-644-US Net2 Prox Keyfobs Box/10

Paxton tokens use EM4100 technology with proprietary encoding which includes an authentication protocol in the form of a password exchange between the token and the reader. This provides an additional layer of security for your system.

  • Label - product serial number label 27x10mm
  • OEM keyfob EM4200


Alternate Codes: 695-644-US, 695644US

Credential Type: Keyfob

Frequency: 125 kHz

Proximity Type: NET2

Slot/ Hole Type: Key Ring Hole


aye green band can be Em410x or Hitag depending on source (and chipgen)

either way it’s a solid no

if you have other rf hardware they’re amazing credentials to research

Like what? Proxmark II?

Thanks for your knowledge and info @all. I am actually happy this cannot be copied for several reasons now.

  1. It gives me access to my building (not my apartment) so it is nice to see actual care is taken to control access to it. (A bit overkill since there are other means to publicly access the building and a viable shortcuts some use to get to their homes front door, but anyway…)

  2. I forgot to take out the EXIF info of my photo (do not bother looking, replaced the JPG, just hope it isn´t cached anywhere). Opsec failure! :scream:

Again, thanks!


lol, glad you realized your mistake. That should be made a built in function of the Discourse software(the software that runs this forum). I might have made the same mistake elsewhere now that you mention it. I think I will go back and check.