PC not recognising Flipper Connection

PC makes no acknowledgement of connection.
Qflipper not detecting. Nothing in the logs.
Tried and even bought various USB data cables.
Nothing shows up in device manager in port or USB in normal or dfu mode.
Rebooted, reinstalled firmware via Bluetooth.
Yet to try in a different PC until tomorrow but can I assume the flippers USB has died?

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That sounds possible. Can we assume it charges normally at least? I’ll point you here just so you can see if you have tried everything.

Yeah it charges. Tried all of that. Reddit suggestions, previous posts on this topic on here.

Not the end of world as flippers are quite obtainable in the UK. Stuck XTF and everything back on the SD card.

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It’s a serial connection. You might be able to emulate most the functions via GPIO and a serial adapter accept BadUSB which i never asked about. Does BadUSB still work?