Peugeot (705.3 KB)
hi, this is a peugeot keyfob capture, any way to set shift key to 50khz?

My keyfob signal is at 433,919Mhz and the read feature at 433.92Mhz doesn’t recognize the signal, no matter the modulation setting I chose.
Is the replay of the raw signal did open your car? It doen’t working on mine.

Nop it didnt, maybe real 2-fsk?

I don’t think. I copied my keyfob signal with my car out of range and, if I understood how 2-fsk works, it should had works at least one time.

same here, so something is missing, i ve calculated 50khz for shift, so fz should handle that, but still, no replay, even if you record the signal 2km aw

Your car system might be a dialogue one, where a challenge-response authentication is being performed over the air, and just replaying the signal won’t work

I’ll try recording the signal with and without my car in range, to compare. I’ll put the files here cause I don’t have the knowledges to analyse them.

I will not analyze and add support for car remotes. how to realise, if you need it

According to my info Peugeot uses ASK modulation for models pre 2011 FSK modulation after 2011.

All should be supported according to the Flipper Zero website I Quote

CC1101 is a universal transceiver designed for very low-power wireless applications. It supports various types of digital modulations such as 2-FSK, 4-FSK, GFSK and MSK, as well as OOK and flexible ASK shaping."

Sorry, I thought cloning key-fob was a “supported features”. I just wanted to test my flipper and it was for my own key or those of consenting friends. Now, I understand why it doesn’t work with mine or those of my friends.