Plugins on SD Card

Hope I’ve picked the right topic

  • Is there any way to compile, upload, and run a plugin from the SD Card?

I’m doing some plugin development.
Each time I recompile my plugin [with fbt], it uploads a FULL firmware update - which takes a minute or two.
I’d like to try to make things faster, and avoid unnecessary wear on the internal flash.


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Not at the moment, but we’ve been working hard for the last 2 months to make this possible, and it’s coming in the next few months.


Thanks Astra :slight_smile:

The code is lovely. I really wasn’t expecting anything this mature!

Many congratulations to everyone who has got it this far!

Is there a developer forum I can watch/subscribe-to (maybe help out if I find time)?
…Or is that all happening in the “GitHub Issues threads”?