Possible to copy/paste signal to make it send more than once?

Sorry if any of this is confusing…I have a few questions:

  1. If I record a raw sub ghz signal, at 315mhz for example, can I somehow copy that signal and create a new file with that signal being sent over and over again, instead of just the 1 time I recorded it? Similar to an audio file…take part of a wave form, copy it, and then paste it somewhere else or in a new file etc.

  2. Is there a way to see the raw data, and not just the wave form/signal? In other words, when I read a tire pressure monitoring sensor, for example, using a tpms tool (which activates the tpms with a 125 khz wake-up signal), the tool shows hexadecimal data for the tpms ID (8-digit), pressure in psi and sometimes temperature…obviously all this data is IN the signal being sent back from the tpms sensor at 315 mhz…but how can I see this data using the Flipper Zero? Or is it just not possible? Most automotive stuff is always hexadecimal, converted from raw binary or can voltage differential, so I’m just not sure how or if Flipper can do any of this stuff?

  3. Basically continuing with the last question…if this raw data could be saved and viewed, could it also be edited and create a new file for replaying? Here’s the easiest way to summarize what I mean…

  • I use a TPMS tool to activate a 315mhz sensor
  • I capture and save the raw data using the Flipper Zero (I’ve already done this a bunch times)
  • I somehow take this signal/file saved and view the raw data (psi, temp, tpms ID etc)
  • I somehow edit this raw data and change the information for replaying (for example, take a tpms with an ID of 4F65EED2 and change it to 784AA5C1B…for exmaple
  1. I’m assuming that the 125khz used for RFID work is completely different than what vehicles use for proximity/smart entry etc? As well as transponder chips? I know that automotive transponder chips use 125khz for data transfer when you’re starting your car, and proximity systems use this same frequency when unlocking your car using the exterior door handle sensors etc…but none of these are picked-up by the Flipper, under any option…so that must mean even though RFID tags use the exact same frequency, they don’t operate that same way?

I hope I’m making sense…just trying to learn. I wanted to start with Flipper and move to HackRF and PandwaRF later on.


I have done that with raw IR file but not with SubGHZ files. The easiest way is to combine signals by just recording the signal multiple times using raw record.
You could also check into cross remote. I haven’t looked at it in a while but it was supposed to support macros using SubGHZ and Infrared.

There is a TPMS app for the Flipper. It appears to now support wake up of the sensors if I read things correctly.

I’m sure that can be done. That’s a little beyond my knowledge right now.

I believe I may have picked up that data with the Flipper but it may have been a fluke. Without being able to interpret the data it’s hard to be sure. I need to update my SDR. :laughing: If you learn more about that I’d love to hear about it. I’ve been reading on the subject and hope understand it better. The Noolec V5 SDR is supposed to go all the way down to 100khz now.

Good luck, have fun, and report back if you find something cool. Feel free to ask more questions as well.

Or Sub-GHz Playlist. It allows for specified repeat count.

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That’s a new one for me. Glad you chimed in.