Power off AND lock with PIN

Hey, when I lock my flipper with PIN, I can’t power off without unlocking it, and when powering off, it locks regularly with just a triple back-button push to open it.

Conclusion: Is there a way to both lock the flipper with PIN and power it off?


Not that I’m currently aware of.

hello i did this and now my unit won’t turn back on any help please i literally just got mine after waiting months….

Please define ‘this’. You’ve set a PIN? You’ve turned it off? …

I don’t think your topic is even related to this request. Maybe it is better to start a new topic, with the description what you have done, what you await and what happens instead.

(PS: maybe at first

  1. Unplug it, than press ‘Back’ for 30 Seconds, wait if the Flipper is starting.
  2. Try a different cable/power source)
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Looks like this is a duplicate of Idea: Locking upon power-off

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