Problem with ISO 15693 tag

I would like to have the ability to read an ISO 15693 tag. I can read the raw data.
but I can not able to emulate the data. Basically i have a device that have a nfc tag in built. I want to emulate that nfc tag, When I read I got something like this:

E0 07 A0 00 08 69 B1 32
AFI: 07
IC Ref: 00
Blocks: BF
Data(1337 bytes)
(truncated to 32 blocks)
17 1D E2 37 E5 46 B7
A4 36 70 4B 13 26 31
04 F5 C1 FB 6F D3 48
58 06 1A 34 3E A9 E7
71 74 15 B3 A3 0A E3
45 A9 17 17 FB FD A5
6D B0 05 A7 F4 89 B6

But when I emulate this the reader is doing nothing! I want your help to get to know what I am doing wrong or How I can solve it?