Problem with order 366311

Not a technical problem: I have ordered a Flipper Zero, but it does not seem to arrive. No-one can tell me where my parcel is, wrote to support already, still silence.
Anyone know how I can get into on my parcel?
|ORDER #366311|

This status already 5 days

Better remove your trackingcode.

And just contact support or try Reddit, i saw someone from them reacting they had holiday until 9th january.

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My Flipper took 2 weeks to arrive. If you have been waiting less then that I wouldn’t worry.

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Question for flippers who bought from the official website . Why the status has not been updated since January 21 ?? it is Awaiting Dispatch by Warehouse. Your order is being processed at the warehouse. it is real status there ? And also ther arrive with DHL or need to go at Postal to get my flipper :heart:

Good luck buddy, if it’s anything like my order you will never see anything I’ve been waiting for nearly an entire month. I’ve only gotten one email from support saying that my package might be lost and no response ever the post office has communicated with me more than flipper has.

in what country happend ? I’ve hope arrive this week :smiley:

But Why the status has not been updated since January 21 ? its normal ?

Happened in USA, ordered from official site. My shipping status has not changed since 7th., like I said, good luck

Everything is fine, arrived aproxm week ago. Totally fine :slight_smile: Sorry, forgot to answer here!!

But the status has been updated for your order?

Huh, It wasn’t changed till the moment it was arrived into my country. Just at last day

I the US the company that does the fulfillment is horrible with updates. You can’t count on the updates being accurate until they hand the package over to USPS which only happens when the package is relatively close to it’s destination. That doesn’t meant the package isn’t moving though.

12 days not arrive in FROM EU TO EU :smiley:
Basically there is fake or miss understand info about delivery on official website…

For really yes! i order from aliexpress, temu, etc ,etc from china , arrive in max 10 days 100% .

Flipper only warranties devices from official sellers. Ali is not an official supplier so do that at your own risk.

I’ve was just making a comparison with an order that comes from outside the European Union, e.g. China, Taiwan, Turkey etc. other items, not Flipper Zero, and the average delivery duration is 10 -12 days max.

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