[Protocol request] Byhubyeng 433.92 FM476 static codes pager system

The device has 6 buttons and using static codes to trigger the pager (reliever)

Transmitter and receiver don’t have FCC id on them

Each button, pressed 10 times:
Bhy_1.sub (142.2 KB)
Bhy_2.sub (159.3 KB)
Bhy_3.sub (177.3 KB)
Bhy_4.sub (188.7 KB)
Bhy_5.sub (105.7 KB)
Bhy_6.sub (176.8 KB)

well done, I’ll take a look


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Yep, it’s working, thank you.

I have some other raw files from this vendor ( same frequency and static codes) and I had a hypothesis that vendor will use the same protocol, but “decode_raw” cli can’t parse them.

Could you please take a look at them? Are they all pricenton as well?

Pelmen-4.sub (31.9 KB)
Pelmen-5.sub (26.7 KB)
pelmen-6.sub (26.7 KB)
pelmen-10.sub (43.7 KB)