[Protocol Request] Unknown badge protocol (RF-ID inside/Mi-FARE)

Hi, I’m trying to find the protocol used by my school badge, I’m able to read only with raw rfid and I went to the totem producer website but the only information I got it’s this badge reader RF-ID inside/Mi-FARE

raw_data.zip (127.6 KB)

Did you try try NFC? To the best of my knowledge MI-Fare is a subset of RFID that falls into the realm of NFC.

Yes, I tried NFC but nothing, I remember this too about the MiFare

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Maybe the reader does multiple protocols including Mi-Fare and your totem is one of the other protocols. The only reference to “RF-ID inside” I can find relates to chip implantation.

Ok, through the analysis only of the raw data is possible to detect the protocol type?

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I can’t but there are some talented people here that might be able to. Things like a picture of the reader and the totem would help. You can blur identifying info.

The problem is that the reader is hided in the totem, the producer of the totem, seller is Spaggiari