Protrac ID Vehicle Tag RAW reads

I’m trying to read my tag. I have one for my garage but the battery on these things always die, and its such a pain in the ass to get them replaced. I found the white page on the fob.

which confirms its broadcasting on the 433.92MHZ frequency, but when I do a raw read I get similar readings on both AM650 and AM270, slightly stronger on AM270. the reading shows a descending bar every 1.5 seconds, strongest > weaker > weaker > weaker > weakest, then it appears to repeat, does this indicate its cycling a handful of readings or what can I infer from that? Is there a simple way to dig into the raw reading and perhaps clean it up and manually enter it? or am I stuck with what I read and thats all I can replay?

Also curious the Frequency Analyser does not pickup anything, I first thought that was becuase the fob was not broadcasting strongly maybe waiting to be in an EMF to charge it like an RFID, totally new to this so just guessing in the dark.

When I play back the recorded raw in front of the sensor it does not respond. I attempted emulating by walking up to the garage door with it, I’ll try actual emulation by using it in the car next time I roll through, but reading the white pages on these things they broadcast and can be read through almost anything from a range up to 50 meters, so short of leaving my tag at home, i can’t be sure which would trigger it in my car :smiley:

The manual you’ve attached says that it uses the OOK modulation, which the flipper doesn’t support.

As for the frequency analyzer - you have to bring the signal source as close to the flipper as possible (like, touching the IR plastic piece), as it is intentionally very weak to filter out background noise

UPD: Sorry, I was wrong, we do support OOK, under the AM modulation. Can you please attach your RAW recording, so we can analyze it?

Reopening this thread - I have a similar issue and am happy to provide a copy of the signal file. Did you sort out the emulation?