ProxKey III Proximity Key Fob • 1346

I take it from quick reading that the key fobs I’m currently using are not recognized by the existing firmware. They look like which seems to say that they are probably an 85 bit code.

It seems that ProxKey II might be currently recognized, but not ProxKey III.

Is the only way of debugging the protocol involve being connected to a PC using the USB cable?

You can disassemble your device and connect a logical analyzer to the RFID antenna connectors

is this still a problem or has it sinse been resolved with firmware

Not yet supported in the firmware Release 0.64.3 I’ve got on my device

However, you can now use the READ RAW feature in RFID to record the card data and send it here for analysis

Btw, you need to switch to the release candidate branch for this

Ah. I was just responding "I only have Read, Saved, and Add Manually under 125 kHz RFID. " and saw you’d updated that I need to update to release candidate software to have the READ RAW option. I’ll hopefully have time later this week to try that out.

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Yeah, sorry for that, I mixed up the release and the RC branches

will this fix the ishue with thess tags not working

i cant see any read raw and the added prtocals to the rc branch dosent make a differance. this is a firmwere thing right

As I said above, this will allow you to record a RAW data stream from the card and send it to us, so we can implement this protocol. The option is located in the Extra Actions menu.

Hi Astra, i’ve updated to the latest RC (0.65.2) but i still don’t see the RAW read in extra actions menu in 125 khz RFID. Only Read ASK, and Read PSK. Are we missing something?

Oh, sorry, you need to enable debug in the system settings

Oh great, that worked. Where can I send the file to have it recognized in a subsequent fw update? I’ve tried looking around but couldn’t find a form or process. Perhaps this deserves a sticky. Thanks Astra!

You can create a new topic in this forum, and attach photos of your fob, the RAW recordings and any other info you have

And yes, we’re going to sticky a thread here with a guide shortly

The ask and psk files created just now are attached in a zip. (76.5 KB)
The number printed on the back is 815938 11102314872-1

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Did you ever get this worked out? I’m just got my FZ and am having the same problem with my HID Proxkey III.

Did you try to read raw and then emulate raw ?

I did read the raw and have the file. I didn’t see a place to emulate the raw file or write it to a T5577? I have one of those generic cloners that won’t read it either but the kiosk at Walmart says it can copy it somehow (though I Haven’t paid to try) if that info helps.

I was able to read and emulate my key with the default app on the 125 kHz RFID tool in more recent versions of the firmware.