Proxmark3 Easy as Flipper extension

Hi folks,

I think I’ve played the flipper NFC/RFID to the end (at least before the 1.0 release).
There are still some projects ongoing (‘large amount of signal’ Analyzer, Mobile dump creator, FDX-B interpreter, …), But this is all after the work of the flipper.

Now I am thinking about getting a Proxmark3 Easy, to dive into the deep of Legic, NFC-F and everything, the Flipper Zero is not able to read (now?).

Has someone experience with both devices and can tell me if I thinking in the wrong direction or if the PM3e is a reasonable extension for gathering knowledge?

it’s a steep learning curve but there is a lot of documentation on the device (GitHub - RfidResearchGroup/proxmark3: The Iceman fork of Proxmark3 / RFID / NFC reader, writer, sniffer and emulator) and i would totally recommend it.

if you want a crash course/someone to bounce questions off feel free to dm me on discord Equip#1515 you can find me in the official server in the rfid/nfc channels too.


Thanks a lot for your answer.
I have no struggles with steep learning. Learning tech in various ways is my kind of meditation.
Sometimes with a payback for the community, most times just for me.

So, I’ll give it a shot and hope the china clone is worth the 50e at Amazon … Very interesting the lack of reasonable ratings at these devices.

Having both devices, the only addon you get on te pm3 is the longer battery life, easier cloning options and more options of bruteforcing keys with a lot more cpu then the flipper has.

pro’s of pm3 , antenna’s , range options, and easy option to dump everything into json/bin more easy to play around, but it comes with a pricetag. having all of the pm3 options including proxygrind tiny pro and the old one, i cannot say the flipper has lf tag compatibillity where proxygrind tiny pro does not.

both have option to add wireless modules etc so it really depends on your purpose, watch the defcon talks on the proxmark on YT to see if this adds up to your interests.

in short , the flipper is a nice toy but the pm3 has more options for actually cloning a lot of tags, and lab401 gives you a lot of nice tag options for sale so if you wanna put more time into card security, yes worth it, if you just wanna play around, keep the flipper.

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Huh? The PM3 Easy doesn’t have a battery at all.

Everything comes with a pricetag. This one is cheaper than Flipper.

Yes, you are right, the full blown Proxmox is something else than I asked for…
But in the end, the hint with the DefCon talks was a good one.

if you get the bluetooth extension, it does, and that thing can dump for way longer then i expected, where the flipper usually is gone after 3 days ish? without to much playing

its just a battery with ble and a couple of switches depending on what you wanna run , with custom firmware you can make a auto dump everything with it pretty easy.

just the pm3 (rdv4 i still have not sure if newer already) , it does get i bit chunky with the extra brick on top , but…eehhrh.

First, you are quoting @LupusE while replying to me. What do you mean here?
Second, the OP asks about Easy, not RDV4, so no batteries and no Bluetooth.
Third, the purpose is to get knowledge, not to do field cloning.

Yeah sorry, I should stay away from reply buttons while drunk :slight_smile: I wanted to mention that , by default it does not have a battery, but it does have a extension option with bluetooth and a pretty decent battery, so you can use the proxmark wireless. And first i did not expected it to be this great, but the battery/wireless addon option is worth it and turns the pm3 in a full wireless portable reader/writer, with custom fw options so it has a lot of potential.

So the flipper is a great toy, but for lf and hf tags and security, the pm3 is worth it if you have the purpose for it and want to go into that topic.

The Flipper makes a great multi-tool, but compared to pm3 , its options , more easy to switch antennas etc. So it kinda depends on target purpose? In the field as a subghz including lf/hf reading capabilities i think the flipper is unbeatable so far, but just in lf/hf tags the pm3 is worth it if you care enough about the subject specifically?