PSK-3 - No Read

For a Keri Systems key fob (PSK-3) I haven’t been able to pick up anything, but I found that it is indeed 125kHz and using Wiegand at 26bits. I however understand that this doesn’t directly imply HID compatibility…
This is not really my field, but as developer I would be happy to help. But before jumping head first, I was wondering if you would agree on this being a software or hardware related issue?
Here are the following docs I found on the fob and a typical reader:
PSK-3 Datasheet
Pyramid Reader

(I’ve been successful at reading another fob I own from a different make that ran on HID H10301 using my flipper :slight_smile: thank you )


Hi! We are currently working on RFID RAW recording, and after that we’ll be able to implement this protocol


So cool! Thank you Astra for the quick response. Really excited to see the lights on this (also really excited about the NFC-B → NFC-F supports coming in :smiley: ).


Hi @Astra, do you guys have any ETA when RAW RFID recording feature will be available?

RAW RFID Recording will NEVER be available. You need to know the exact format to WRITE the data. READ RAW is just to create files so that devellopers can implement proper decoding/detection/writting of unknown formats. Once you do a read raw and analyze the data you can “teach” flipper to work with the new formats and when done flipper is able to write/emulate those new formats.

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Understood. Thank you for clarification. I was able to read RAW RFID data from PSK-3 key fob.


Is there now a way to read and emulate the PSK-3 ?

Because I am still not able to do it.