Purpose of reading bank cards?

So, new to flipper/hacking i have played around with reading NFC on my bank card it then says “Found EMV app” then when i press “run app” it asks “run EMV app? it will try to run cards app” then it goes to reading card, no idea what this means or what is happening can somene explain?

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Your bank card is actually a small computer that runs Java applets. The EMV app on the Flipper tries to talk with the Java applet on the card and get some general info (card number, expiration date, but not CVV/CVC) as a demonstration of NFC features. It’s not intended to be used for anything other than just an NFC test.

does the card just not share the CVV or is it just that the flipper doesn’t try to get that?

The card’s chip doesn’t have the CVV stored in it at all

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So, this video is fake?

Video is true. Just because the flipper can’t read the card CVV it doesn’t mean it can’t get the card type, number and some extra data.

But it can’t extract the certificate from the card neither the applet so you can’t clone the card to use to sign trnsactions and get money from the card !!! You can however do this :

Thanks, mate <3

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No problem !