Python on Flipper zero

Hello everyone,

I beginner with my flipper zero. Can I use a python script on my Flipper?


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The best you can feed to your flipper is C. He does not speak python at the moment.

But you can use Python in a PC to control your Flipper over USB.
There are plenty examples found in GitHub. There is no official how-to.


You can use the Flipper’s BadUSB function to run a python script on a computer if that’s interesting to you. You could also connect a micro controller to the Flipper capable of running micro python or circuit python.

To update this thread, there is now a Python CLI wrapper for f0 called pyFlipper. pyFlipper’s was created on 2022-07-23T19:21. It interfaces with pretty much everything, so depending on your script’s goals maybe you can use this:

That doesn’t run “on the Flipper” which is why we didn’t mention it.

This may be stupid, but if the flipper speaks C, and python is implemented in C (GitHub - python/cpython: The Python programming language), couldn’t you make an app that runs python?

Memory requirements are tough on Flipper. 1M of Flash, 256K of RAM.

Maybe a lite version such as “circuit python” or “micro python”. Even then it would be tough without gutting the Flipper firmware. I’d love to see a Flipper version with more onboard memory.

I’m working on a solution to make this possible. See issue on GitHub.


This is a very interesting project even if it ends up being a fork of the official firmware rather then part of the official firmware. The Flipper is very limited in memory but MicroPython is a very popular option these days so I think it may have a place.

Great work so far!

He does not speak? Are you pregendering? What if my flippers do not want to be gendered yet?