Qflipper Android App Bluetooth Sync Failure

Using a Samsung galaxy s22 on the newest Android update, I enabled bluetooth, searched for and paired my flipper using the pairing code, then the app began to sync but froze at 21 percent and remained there indefinitely.

Prior to trying with the samsung galaxy s22 I tried with an iphone 14 plus on the newest ios update. However in this instance the flipper failed to show in nearby devices.

I am trying to sync to update the firmware as an update is required to even use the sub-ghz features.

Any help or advice?

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Did you got through the first start manual?

Make sure you have the SD card inserted and formatted properly. if Bluetooth still isn’t working try the reboot procedure listed on that page. The 2 button reboot can solve many issues. Then come back and let us know if any of that helped.