qFlipper is not able to repair my flipper

Hi, i got my flipper yesterday.

It works properly, until my sd card crash and doesnt work anymore. So i bought the new one, Samsung micro sd Card. And after i put the new sd card into my flipper doesnt turn on.

So i connect it to computer in DFU mode, and try to repair it with this steps: Firmware recovery - Flipper Zero — Documentation
but qflipper is not abble to repair it and every time it ends up with error: [RCY] Correct Option Bytes @Erv0ren ERROR: Failed to write corrected option bytes: Operation timeout
[DEV] Full Repair @Erv0ren ERROR: Failed to write corrected option bytes: Operation timeout

I tried it on windows and also on mac everytime with the same error.

Could you help me pls, i want my flipper to work.

My logs:
qFlipper-20230330-093022.txt (20.7 KB)

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Same here. What’s worse, no apps on my Flipper actually do anything, they all complain “update firmware to run this app”. Flipper says the firmware version is what qFlipper burned to it in DFU mode. Help?!?

hey Matthias im having the same issue when i click on any of the options it says update firmware to run this app…help plwese???

i used the android app to update mine, didnt tried the windows app cause i know since w10 or so usb serial is a pain in the ass and i had no linux machine close, Bluetooth update took some time but worked flawlessly and if you get as far as update firmware i guess you should be able to enable Bluetooth and pair it to your phone with the flipper app on

It was a PITA before win10, not since - at least for Flipper.

is their a offical fix for this i am having the same issue

Try to format SD and reinstall OFW, hope this fixes the issue :slight_smile: