qFlipper Not Launching On Windows 10/11

Downloaded qFlipper. Clicked desktop icon for qFlipper.

“The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.”

Tried redownloading twice. Same message appears.

Can anyone help me?
I’ve been looking for this problem for hours and can’t find anything close to “Why can’t I download qFlipper?”

On the right side on top of this forum is a ‘magnifying glass’, clicking this leads to the ‘search’ function.
Just search for ‘VCRUNTIME140_1.dll’ and at least the first three hits will lead you to ‘reinstall the vcredist blah from microsoft’. Do yourself a favor and really only use the vcredist from microsoft.com, not from a spooky third party website or other game/software installer.

Of course you can search this file on your system and copy it to the root of the qFlipper application. But than you don’t know if it is the right version and why it is not system wide registered.

When I post a link here, my post will get postponed for approval. That’s why I wrote the complicated way.

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Do I have to understand C++ to fix this?
I don’t understand 90% of the links and files on microsoft when I look up vcredist.

If course, feel free to learn C++. Or C#. It will help you to understand the issue.

But to fix it, just find the correct VCredist installer and install it. The correct version is mentioned in at least one of the former mentioned Posts.

This is not a (q)Flipper issue. This is Microsoft Windows crap. Although it could be much easier if the dependencies are clear known.
But search for the formen mentioned file and I am sure you will read a lot of posts and articles around all kind of software. Games, applications, driver UI, … All developers who trust Microsoft to provide an easy to use API.
And only one of them needs to break the logic, install a modified package or replace the .dll and all others have the problem.
The solution is always the same: Reinstall the software if it does not work, reinstall the redist package.

And now you are smart. Do you download all the available resists and install them … Good luck by maintaining.
If you are interested in this topic, before you start to learn code, learn software packaging/distribution.