Qflipper not recognizing flipper zero on Chromebook

hello forum I’m new. I have qflipper running on my Chromebook but it doesn’t recognize the flipper. I changed the properties to read/write and copied the qflipper file/app to the Linux folder in the Chromebook file manager. qflipper app runs fine but when I plug in The flipper the Chromebook doesn’t see it. I’m fairly new to Linux so any help would be greatly appreciated. love this little thing and can’t wait to learn!

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I don’t know about running qFlipper on the Chromebook but there are other options. I believe the Chromebook will support the Flipper Android app over Bluetooth. You can also try opening the following link in Chrome to access most Flipper functions via USB.

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hello ! Im brand new too and also the (sad) owner of a chromebook, I think I know what your problem is !
just go to the settings and authorize the usb in advanced settings > developpers > USB devices

What I DO NOT know is how did you do to have qflipper on your Chromebook ? Please tell me ! Did you have to install FUSE ? I’m lost…

(pardon my english cause im french)

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Chrome is Linux so he used the Linux qFlipper app I assume. Since you are French I won’t link a tutorial. I’m sure it will be easier to find a good French tutorial on your own. Just search for the following
run linux app on Chromebook

sorry I saw but forgot to reply ! I know I really tried to install it on my virtual machine but there was too many errors so I gave up… for the moment ! so if @rosscjr you see this message, please send help !

I how do I use qflipper in chromebook thanks

just download the app on the Google Play Store

I mean qflipper not flipper

For qflipper it must be by installing it on the linux virtual machine but it didn’t succeed for me, that’s why I asked @rosscjr for help

I’m not an expert but I know getting certain peripherals talking to a virtual machine can require manual setup. The com port might need to be mapped somehow although I’m not sure it is installing it on a virtual machine.