qFlipper on fedora 36 won't start

Hi, I do not really get it. I installed qFlipper out of the repositories and it won’t start.
I uninstalled, and installed the AppImage - won’t start.
I installed it again from the repos: it won’t start, but the AppImage works suddenly. what is happening here?`

I am kinda in the same situation with the AppImage. It seems to start but the window is kinda invisible. When going to the application viewer on Gnome I see the following empty window:

$ ps -efww | grep flipper -i
guts       12023    1863  1 18:42 ?        00:00:00 ./qFlipper-x86_64-1.2.2.AppImage
guts       12032   12020 10 18:42 pts/0    00:00:03 /tmp/.mount_qFlippS96NDH/usr/bin/qFlipper
guts       12129   12083  0 18:42 pts/1    00:00:00 grep --color=auto flipper -i

When starting from the command line I get the following:

$ ./qFlipper-x86_64-1.2.2.AppImage 
Warning: Ignoring XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland on Gnome. Use QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland to run on Wayland anyway.
310 [APP] qFlipper version 1.2.2 commit ba67025d 2022-12-08T13:31:11
310 [APP] OS info: Fedora Linux 37 (Workstation Edition) 37 6.0.17-300.fc37.x86_64 Qt 5.15.2
346 [default] QSGContext::initialize: depth buffer support missing, expect rendering errors
401 [UPD] Fetched update information from https://update.flipperzero.one/qFlipper/directory.json
405 [UPD] Fetched update information from https://update.flipperzero.one/firmware/directory.json

Maybe it is related to this one here?

OS: Fedora Linux 37 (Wayland)
Using the AppImage from the Website