qFlipper Windows 7/8 compatibility

This might seem obvious, but people who hack often have a special appreciation for privacy, and avoid Windows 10. I was very disappointed the official firmware update utility ONLY works on Windows 10 and 11.nIs there something in Windows 10 that’s REALLY needed? Or is this an artificial limitation that can be removed?

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If you care about privacy you can use Linux, qFlipper forks perfectly there


LOL that wasn’t what he asked.

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Windows 7&8 is no longer supported by Microsoft, and we are not going to spend our limited development resources to support outdated versions of Windows, as it will slow down the development for everything else while serving systems that are not supposed to be used anymore.


I have 4 computers and all of them run Windows 7, (because it’s just better than any current or future Windows, and I’m not going in to details why as you will find out later on with your newer then 7 Windows ) The campaign never said that it will be not supported with Windows 7, I can’t even update it as the application doesn’t run on Windows 7 and it doesn’t update on android app either as the firmware on the flipper is well outdated, why did they sent it with that old firmware? what I suppose to do now, buy a new pc with Windows 10 just to update it? Not going to happen it’s worthless and it’s going straight to the bin…


We’re working on a web updater, which you’ll be able to use with any windows version that supports Chrome.

For now, you can use a liveUSB/liveCD with a Linux distribution to temporarily boot your PC into an environment that supports qFlipper.

I was also annoyed with the lack of Windows 7 support for the firmware update but I’ve managed to get it working, as follows.

Download the 1.1.3 PC qFlipper exe from here:


Hack it to allow install on Windows 7 x64 by changing the following bytes with a hex editor:
At offset 0x805 into file, change bytes 0xffffff7f to 0x00000000 (this allows install even after the OS incompatibility error)
At offset 0x267c into file, change byte 0xfc to 0x08 (this removes the checksum for file integrity, allowing the program to run with the first change present)
(note that these offsets and byte changes will almost certainly only apply to the specific x64 1.1.3 version)

You can now install qFlipper. When run after install, it complains about “vcruntime140_1.dll” being missing but I just copied it from another directory on my drive into the “qFlipper” directory and it was fine.

Also you need to manually install the USB serial port drivers for the STM32 device as they’re not included in Windows 7. You can download that yourself from:

With the driver installed qFlipper found my device no problem, with micro SD card inserted the firmware update worked OK. qFlipper didn’t exit correctly after the firmware update was complete on the device, but that’s no problem.

Hope this helps someone who also still runs Windows 7 and note that while this worked OK for me you do it at your own risk. :slight_smile:

BTW Microsoft DO still support Windows 7, it’s just in “extended support” (meaning that you have to pay for it), but security updates are still being released and automatically downloaded every month.


Just a side note the posted drives DO WORK on windows XP as well.

The posted drivers have a version for win 8 and later and a version for 7 and older and goes back to XP meaning the win 7 driver will install on XP without any issue. There are a version for 32 bit and a version for 64 bit windows on the package.

TESTED THIS OUT MYSELF on several windows XP machines.

THIS IS NOT to install qflipper on older XP neither DFU to update flipper BUT IT CAN BE USED TO ACCESS TO FLIPPER CLI on older windows XP.

1- Install the drivers.
2-Plug your flipper. XP will pick up flipper as a virtual com port device.
3-Open device manager and figure out the port number that was assigned to ypur flipper. On my last example it was COM port 4.
4-Use your terminal software like putty, etc and connect to the flipper com port with the correct baud rate mentioned on the CLI thread on this forum. DONE.

I did test with Hyperterminal as well and does work gerat. No you can have flipper plugged by COM to your old XP machines and play with flipper CLI using that…

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works also just fine on Windows 7, see Running qFlipper on Windows 7


Systems that are not supposed to be used anymore?
While I appreciate you have LIMITED development resources, I didn’t think it would be a big ask to compile with flags set to allow compatibility with more operating systems. Keeping a lot of people happy with a few keystrokes? That’s called a win-win.


You know that a web updater that uses Chrome won’t work for Windows 7 and 8 here in a couple of months. Sorry for dredging up an old thread, but I’m one of those paranoid freaks that thinks an older OS is safer than the modern ones these days.

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Do what i did:
run w10 in virtualbox or Vmware, then update FW using chrome from virtualisez W10. i have w7 with 8gb ram, it was sloooow, but finally got it updated without any problems

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