[Question] 12-32V Oscilloscope and data dumper/analyzer for e.g. serial bus systems

Hi all!

I’m currently looking into the flipper zero as a portable device to help me analyze stuff in my work.
I’m travelling as a software developer, but often need to work at a very low level with hardware in the automation industry.

I’ve found the Flipperscope, but I’ll also need something to record streams of data on serial interfaces with different baudrates - and any other interface to gather raw data would be awesome as well (Ethernet, Profibus, Profinet, CAN,…)
Also, the IOs would need to be able to handle something like 5/12-24/32V.
I haven’t really looked into Flipper Zero and the limits of the extension boards yet, so I’m not sure, if I got this right. But I thought, as long as the extension board can handle the input, I could come up with something like tcpdump for this interface/protocol and push the resulting data into something like e.g. wireshark or just a hex editor (depending on the protocol).

I’m not quite sure where I should start to look or if the flipper even is a good device for that.
But the form factor and option for extendability seems very intriguing.

Thanks upfront for any input!

I don’t think the Flipper could handle Ethernet very well because the speeds are too high. Someone can correct me on that if I’m mistaken but I remember a previous conversation and that was our conclusion. I’m pretty sure someone made a canbus interface already. You’d need a voltage divider for some of the voltages you mention but as long as you’re just listening I think that’s all you would need hardware wise. From a software standpoint you might need to write some of your own. Personally I’d use a raspberry PI 2W for most the stuff you mentioned if i wanted just one small tool. I’m not sure about Profibus, Profinet but they sound like a stretch on the Flipper.

Thank you so much for the input!

It’s a pity though… but I’ll look into my box of unused raspberry’s and see if can come up with a more self-made industrial communications Swiss army knife :⁠-⁠)

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There is another Flipper on the roadmap called the Nano but I’m not really sure the extra GPIO on it would help with your project. Besides which I have zero idea when it’s coming out.