Question about shipping

Hi everyone, TastyMercury here.

I’ve been looking at the Flipper for quite some time now and whenever I thought about biting the bullet and getting one, they were always out of stock. Today, I happened to look, and it was available. I very quickly bought a flipper and case.

My main question is: how long can I expect shipping to take normally? There was no ETA given to me, but I DID just order it, and might be a bit antsy. I am in the central/eastern portion of the US if that makes any difference.

Thanks for the help, and I look forward to talking with some of you while I play around with this wonderful tool!


I initially heard estimates of 2-3 weeks, but my own experience was less than 1 week

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

They now show it ready to be shipped, just waiting on the USPS, so I’m hopeful that I will be in the group of under a week.

We shall see.


did yours ever ship? waiting on mine to be picked up by usps according to the tracking.

It did! I purchased it on the 16th and it arrived on the 20th.

Mine was sent via USPS, and while the warehouse had the label printed and the box ready to go, it took them (USPS) a couple days to come pick it up. It was coming from IL, which isn’t that far from me.

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ok cool. for me the label was created on the 24th and sitting in IL right now waiting for USPS to pick up. hopefully soon.

Just checking in. They get it to you yet?

yes got it yesterday.(april 1st)

Did you choose USPS Priority CF? I paid an extra $20 for it. Just trying to compare the times, I ordered mine an hour ago.

Sorry, just saw this.

I don’t remember what shipping I picked. For some reason they were within just a couple of cents to each other, so I opted for the more expensive one. It arrived in about 4 days.

I recently picked up a wifi board and chose the least expensive shipping option (which gave me options like priority CF) and it arrived in the same time frame.

Which state do you live in? Im trying to see if I can get it as fast as yours, Also did it only take 4 days like right when you ordered? Could your check your order email? it shows your shipping, sorry if im asking too much, Im just wondering to see if I could get mine as fast as yours.

Hello, I ordered mine on the 17th and still nothing. The USPS label is ready but it hasn’t been updated again yet in il

I just ordered mine Wednesday. I even pajd the extra $15 priority shipping cf and still havent recieved a shipping date yet. And idea on when these things ship. ?

I ordered mine on April 28th then waited until May 5th to have PostNL to ship it.

BUT, right after PostNL picked the package, the shipment was canceled :exploding_head:

And what’s worse: I have received no news from Flipper Zero yet nor did they answer to any of my email!

But they took my money from my account, that’s for sure :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Same here! Shipped on May 4th and delivery cancelled by postnl on the 5th.Also no reply on my mails…

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I ordered mine on may 2nd, was given tracking info from usps on the third, but USPS still hasn’t received the parcel, so I dunno what’s going on with mine. only ordered direct from flipper since they said they were back in stock. hoping back in stock doesn’t just mean that there’s a showboat from china en route :-/

You created the label a week ago USPS haven’t received anything from you. No email replies no nothing. Are you working at all or is it a scam?

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Did you get any answer from them?

Received no answer yet. I have contacted the sender based on the address in the postnl app, but that information seems to be false. Name does not match address and the people on that address have nothing to do with Flipperzero or distribution. This is very strange and maybe the reason postnl cancelled the delivery.

Also make sure to reply on the “got it” mail from Flipper Customer Service, otherwise they ignore your question. After that it can take 4 to 7 working days to receive an answer…