Read and write cards


I have seen some 125 kHz RFID tags on ebay and i was wondering if i could copy an already existing RFID card and write it to the ones on ebay

if this is possible lmk.


“on ebay” that’s not very specific.

the flipper can only write to T5577s which is an emulator chip that can pretend to be other chips. normal chips cannot be overwritten so you need to make sure you buy T5577s

so do you think this would work? ive been looking at these and the price is very cheap.

Read here : RFID writing not working at all - #32 by Spildit

i will be able to write to those fobs right?

Did you manage to write? Tell me if so, I’m curious.

Read the posted thread. Yes, i’m able to write. All 125khz formats.

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ok thank you thats really helpful

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