Read RAW out to USB

I have searched through here and the Discord but I don’t really find an answer to my question: I consider buying the Flipper Zero but I need to know if I can not only store but read the sub-ghz data live over USB?

Just an example what I mean (I know the Flipper is below 1Ghz so not in the same range) but just for an example: With a Raspberry Pi I can put the Broadcom Wifi chip in monitor mode and dump all the Wifi content into an arbitrary file, so because it’s Linux it’s trivial to pipe this out via USB to a connected PC. How much control do I have over the Flipper when I connect the USB and open a serial connection? Can I just access all devices, monitor the sub-ghz communication live instead of saving it to a file etc.? Can I maybe even mount the antenna as device or do something similar?

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An SDR dongle in much cheaper and more capable if you want to monitor using a computer. I’ve seen SDR dongles as low as fifteen dollars you could probably buy both the dongle and the Flipper.