Reading Amex Bank Card EMV App?

While I’ve noticed that I have no trouble reading and running the EMV app for Visa bank cards, running the equivalent action on my American Express cards does not appear to work. Will this functionality be coming? TIA


Same issue as @jggearhead10 - unable to add my American Express card.

  1. It correctly asserts that its an NFC - A and displays the UID, ATQA, and SAK before suggesting I select More run the bank card scan.
  2. Found EMV App - Displays UID correctly and identifies as American Express Card.
  3. Run EMV App? - This is where it is unable to “detect unencrypted data”, and proceed further as it just stalls on reading bank card


Reading bank cards is not a real feature and implemented just for demonstration, we do not plan to develop it deeply.


I would love to backup my bankcards on one simple device, and not have to carry them with me. I’ve thought about putting all my NFCs in a much smaller form factor, but this would work well.
A universal NFC reader/emulator should be incorporated into cell phones: They’re ubiquitous. NFCs are just physical tokens of an entirely digital transaction.
Perhaps a universal credit card that reads/emulates all credit cards, and other types of cards utilizing NFC technology could be created. I’m sure it could be encrypted, too, for security. It could have an interactive face with pertinent informatin displayed - from the standard card layout, to account & billing information, and information related to whatever kind of NFC is read.

I’d buy it.

That’s impossible due to how EMV (payment card) cryptography works. You can’t extract the keys needed to sign the transactions from the card.

I mean, magspoof is a thing, but that only reads/emulates the data on the magnetic stripe of the card, not the EMV data, which is what you are after.
There is no hardware on the Flipper Zero that could read the magstripe (although I saw a post somewhere around here suggesting that emulation would be possible through the RFID hardware)
but pulling out any sort of magspoof device would look hella sus anyway so not possible.

Also, you can put NFCs in a smaller form factor, but you have to destroy the card (and replace the antenna usually?)
And the device that can backup your bankcards is called a mobile phone (see apple/google/samsung/{insert vendor here} pay)

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Where can I get an EMV app for my flipper?

Thank you

LoL :joy:, One Simple Device…
How about your Android using G-Pay, or your iPhone using Apple-Pay…