Receiving binary files

Hi !
I'm trying to receive binary files from sensors or other flipper.

Using as it seems to be logic the BinRAW protocol of the SubGHz module, I'm trying to receive simple binary data but it doesn't work. I'm using this custom configuration in order to listen at a sensor that launches the same radio frame every 5 seconds for testing :
Custom_preset_name: Test_RX_V3
Custom_preset_module: CC1101
Custom_preset_data: 02 0D 03 07 04 FF 05 55 06 3C 08 30 0B 06 14 00 13 00 12 32 11 32 10 17 18 18 19 18 1D 91 1C 00 1B 07 20 FB 22 11 21 B6 00 00 00 C0 00 00 00 00 00 00

But my key shown by the read function of the SubGHz app isn’t corresponding and is too long, even if I set the packet length fixed in my configuration.

Additionnal information :
The modulation needed is OOK (On OFF Keying) modulation without the CRC check enabled (CRC disabled), whitening disabled, on 433.92 MHz frequency.

Thank you for you help !

why are you loading a custom preset? if you need simple OOK use am650/am270 with the frequency you need

You cannot set any packet length in this mode. the receiving flipper does not know its format, the length of the data, etc., it will try to decode everything it hears from the air… for more accurate decoding, the packet must be static and sent more than 4 times. if you need accurate data from the sensor, configure batch mode or write a decoder for your protocol

Reply to : @SkorP

Thanks for your answer !
How can I configure the batch mode and what is it please ?
How should I write a decoder for my protocol please ? Should I write a decoder for my protocol even if I use BinRAW in order to receive my datas ?

Thank you for your help !