Record and Replay a large amount of IR Commands

I want to record a large ammount of IR Commands and the breaks between thes.
Background is my work as TV Technican. I need to programm often the same TV Type an some of them are realy bad to this. So I want to to this once and record the whole programming process whith the flipper. So i can replay it later at the same TV an Flipper do my work :smiley:

Maybe is there a Firmware out there that already supports sutch a feauter ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure about recording a large amount but with a little research and tinkering with the flipper you could probably make your own script to do all the automation. Probably would be a lot, but you could make something that takes IR files you choose (ones you need to use) and play all those in a sequence for you.


Easy … Even with official firmware and just using a little bit of brain power !

Create a new remote (learn) and step by step write your “macro” on a new remote, you can use for example 1 - learn first action/remote buttone, 2- etc, keep on saving you will end up with a remote by order with the actions that you want to do, now just rename to tv and replace the universal TV remote, edit the entries 1, 2 , 3, etc for example to power on the file. Now when you use the universal remote on flipper and you use the power button instead of brute forcing power action to power off tvs the flipper will simply by order execute your macro, or in other words send the sequence of remote buttons you did save …


But what if I still want my regular universal tv remote annnnd a macro remote

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Agree with you …

It would be VERY NICE to have a tool to do scripting …

For example if i want to mess up / play with a LG/Samsung i need to use factory remote like INSTART/INSTOP or Factory/3Speed, etc then enter code like 0413 then go to settings and for example change screen to mirror, etc … assuming i want to “play” in public it’s hard to do with flipper.

With a “script” one could do it in house like send the necessary codes on flipper for example to send ADG on LG, send password, go to options 5 and enable mirror,
When script is done it’s was easier to vo to “victim” and just run the script with one press of a button rather then doing the procedure while people arround are looking at you while you mess up the TV …

I may have found a simpler way. In my test I can copy what is in the data field and append the data from other commands data fields. It’s only one button click as far as the Flipper is concerned. You could probably encode some kind of pause if you figure out the raw value for the IR being off.