Request : -- Add manualy for new remotes and keys :

It would be great to have an option when editing saved remotes and creating new remotes to add manualy entries on the remote.
Something like add manualy that would prompt for key name, protocol to use, device and command.
If one were to know extra commands that are not present on a remote like factory keys, etc one could add manualy without learn from a working remote.

Example if i wanted to create a VOX TV command/remote knowing that it sends using NEC on device 80 and command 0B is turn on/off i could do that by hand or add extra commands/keys on remotes on the database, etc …


I don’t know much about how infrared protocols work, but you could edit saved text files.
If you save a random remote, it shouldn’t matter what, you probably could edit the protocol in the file on the sd card to your liking.


Yes, i can edit the text file i know but the idea would be to do that on flipper directly. Same as you can edit subghz remotes on the text file and RFID/NFC tags on text file yet is convenient to have the addmanualy option …

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As pointed out you can edit the saved .ir files. That’s how I discovered the extra commands on my Fire TV. I created a Python program that creates .ir files that contain all the likely possibilities. I tried them all and when finished I put them into a single .ir file labeled with the functions.

I know.

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lol, somehow I had not noticed you were the OP when I responded. Of course you know. :rofl: You’ve been here longer then me I believe.