Request: Doorking 8075-011 gate remote

I’ve got two Doorking 8075-011 gate remotes and I’d like to be able to open the gate with my Flipper.

Manufacturer: Doorking
Model: 8075-011 “MicroPLUS”
Frequency: 318 MHz
Protocol: Keeloq 64 bit
Modulation: AM (AM270 & AM650 both work …?)

RAW_4.sub (28.1 KB) (10 opener presses)

01.txt (193 Bytes)
02.txt (193 Bytes)

Two decoded captures (318 MHz, AM650 modulation)

I also found this inside the other fob:

Findings so far: each button press generates a new code (rolling code). I’m not sure how the opener is synced or how to resync a gate opener. I’ve tried recording two consecutive button presses in RAW (hoping to resync), but it failed to open the gate once the rolling codes were used.


it is not possible to restore the manufacturer’s manufacturing code for decryption from records. it is possible with this keychain on hand.

I’m in the same boat (same remotes). Were you able to get it to work?

No, unfortunately not. I’m still hoping that the community will help out eventually.

Is there any hope for this request? Maybe something we as a community can help with? I am willing to send the keyfob for this if you think that will help you :slight_smile:

you need to record 4 or more consecutive button presses for 2 seconds. and try to reproduce. if I have this remote, then yes, you can pull out the manufacturing code, but only you can’t send it to me

Quick update, Derrow extracted the remote key and figured it’s only a devicekey, so Doorking is using normal decrypt. There might still be a chance to decrypt the master key from multiple remotes I’ll update if there is more progress


ask him for a master key. then you can add it to the flipper

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Any progress on this ? I have been looking for Door king gate opener at 318mHz, it has a rolling code.

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Also hoping there is an update.

Did anyone have any luck figuring out how to get this to work?

Any updates?

I just bought a flipper specifically for this so I can have a backup remote to a gate. Any updates would be appreciated.